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Relating different Polynomial-LWE problems

Madalina Bolboceanu

Abstract: In this paper we focus on Polynomial Learning with Errors (PLWE). This problem is parametrized by a polynomial and we are interested in relating the hardness of the $\text{PLWE}^f$ and $\text{PLWE}^h$ problems for different polynomials $f$ and $h$. More precisely, our main result shows that for a fixed monic polynomial $f$, $\text{PLWE}^{f\circ g}$ is at least as hard as $\text{PLWE}^f$, in both search and decision variants, for any monic polynomial $g$. As a consequence, $\text{PLWE}^{\phi_n}$ is harder than $\text{PLWE}^{f},$ for a minimal polynomial $f$ of an algebraic integer from the cyclotomic field $\mathbb{Q}(\zeta_n)$ with specific properties. Moreover, we prove in decision variant that in the case of power-of-2 polynomials, $\text{PLWE}^{\phi_n}$ is at least as hard as $\text{PLWE}^f,$ for a minimal polynomial $f$ of algebraic integers from the $n$th cyclotomic field with weaker specifications than those from the previous result.

Category / Keywords: lattice-based cryptography, LWE, PLWE

Original Publication (with major differences): SECITC 2018

Date: received 25 Oct 2018, last revised 15 Nov 2018

Contact author: madalinabolboceanu at gmail com

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