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Adaptively Single-Key Secure Constrained PRFs for NC1

Nuttapong Attrapadung and Takahiro Matsuda and Ryo Nishimaki and Shota Yamada and Takashi Yamakawa

Abstract: We present a construction of an adaptively single-key secure constrained PRF (CPRF) for $\mathbf{NC}^1$ assuming the existence of indistinguishability obfuscation (IO) and the subgroup hiding assumption over a (pairing-free) composite order group. This is the first construction of such a CPRF in the standard model without relying on a complexity leveraging argument.

To achieve this, we first introduce the notion of partitionable CPRF, which is a CPRF accommodated with partitioning techniques and combine it with shadow copy techniques often used in the dual system encryption methodology. We present a construction of partitionable CPRF for $\mathrm{NC}^1$ based on IO and the subgroup hiding assumption over a (pairing-free) group. We finally prove that an adaptively single-key secure CPRF for $\mathbf{NC}^1$ can be obtained from a partitionable CPRF for $\mathbf{NC}^1$ and IO.

Category / Keywords: foundations / constrained pseudorandom function, adaptive security, obfuscation

Original Publication (with major differences): IACR-PKC-2019

Date: received 16 Oct 2018, last revised 3 Apr 2019

Contact author: takashi yamakawa ga at hco ntt co jp,ryo nishimaki zk@hco ntt co jp,n attrapadung@aist go jp,t-matsuda@aist go jp,yamada-shota@aist go jp

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Note: Minor edit on the presentation (1/31/2019)

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