Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2018/029

Practical, Anonymous, and Publicly Linkable Universally-Composable Reputation Systems

Johannes Blömer and Fabian Eidens and Jakob Juhnke

Abstract: We consider reputation systems in the Universal Composability Framework where users can anonymously rate each others products that they purchased previously. To obtain trustworthy, reliable, and honest ratings, users are allowed to rate products only once. Everybody is able to detect users that rate products multiple times. In this paper we present an ideal functionality for such reputation systems and give an efficient realization that is usable in practical applications.

Category / Keywords: applications / Reputation, Trust, Anonymity, Universal Composability

Original Publication (with major differences): CT-RSA 2018

Date: received 7 Jan 2018

Contact author: jakob juhnke at upb de

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Note: This is the updated full version of the paper that appears in CT-RSA 2018 with the same title.

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