Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2017/936

A tight security reduction in the quantum random oracle model for code-based signature schemes

André Chailloux and Thomas Debris-Alazard

Abstract: Quantum secure signature schemes have a lot of attention recently, in particular because of the NIST call to standardize quantum safe cryptography. However, only few signature schemes can have concrete quantum security because of technical difficulties associated with the Quantum Random Oracle Model (QROM). In this paper, we show that code-based signature schemes based on the full domain hash paradigm can behave very well in the QROM i.e. that we can have tight security reductions. We also study quantum algorithms related to the underlying code-based assumption. Finally, we apply our reduction to a concrete example: the SURF signature scheme. We provide parameters for 128 bits of quantum security in the QROM and show that the obtained parameters are competitive compared to other similar quantum secure signature schemes.

Category / Keywords: Quantum Random Oracle, Quantum-Safe Cryptography, Code-Based Cryptography, Signature Scheme, Quantum Decoding Algorithm

Date: received 20 Sep 2017, last revised 27 Sep 2017

Contact author: thomas debris at inria fr ; andre chailloux@inria fr

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