Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2017/878

Raziel: Private and Verifiable Smart Contracts on Blockchains

David Cerezo Sánchez

Abstract: Raziel combines secure multi-party computation and proof-carrying code to provide privacy, correctness and verifiability guarantees for smart contracts on blockchains. Effectively solving DAO and Gyges attacks, this paper describes an implementation and presents examples to demonstrate its practical viability (e.g., private and verifiable crowdfundings and investment funds). Additionally, we show how to use Zero-Knowledge Proofs of Proofs (i.e., Proof-Carrying Code certificates) to prove the validity of smart contracts to third parties before their execution without revealing anything else. Finally, we show how miners could get rewarded for generating pre-processing data for secure multi-party computation.

Category / Keywords: implementation / secure computation, zero knowledge, blockchains, outsourcing

Date: received 10 Sep 2017, last revised 12 Feb 2020

Contact author: david at calctopia com

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