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Multi-Designated Verifiers Signature Schemes with Threshold Verifiability: Generic Pattern and a Concrete Scheme in the Standard Model

Parvin Rastegari and Mehdi Berenjkoub

Abstract: In a designated verifier signature (DVS) scheme, the validity of the signature can only be verified by a designated entity chosen by the signer. Furthermore, the designated entity cannot convince a third party that the signature is generated by the signer. A multi-designated verifiers signature (MDVS) scheme is an extension of a DVS which is included of multiple designated verifiers. To the best of our knowledge, there are two existing patterns for an MDVS. In the first pattern, the cooperation of all designated verifiers is necessary for checking the validity of the signature. In the second pattern, every verifier of the set of designated verifiers can check the validity of the signature, independently. In this paper, we propose a generic new pattern for an MDVS in which a threshold number of the set of designated verifiers can check the validity of the signature. We present a concrete scheme and prove its security requirements in the standard model. Finally, we will propose some applications of this pattern.

Category / Keywords: cryptographic protocols / Digital Signature, Designated Verifier Signature Scheme, Multi-Designated Verifiers Signature Scheme, Standard Model

Date: received 23 Aug 2017, withdrawn 5 Nov 2017

Contact author: p rastegari at gmail com

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Note: This manuscript is under review in "International Journal of Communication Systems".

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