Paper 2017/771

Post-quantum security of the sponge construction

Jan Czajkowski, Leon Groot Bruinderink, Andreas Hülsing, Christian Schaffner, and Dominique Unruh


We investigate the post-quantum security of hash functions based on the sponge construction. A crucial property for hash functions in the post-quantum setting is the collapsing property (a strengthening of collision-resistance). We show that the sponge construction is collapsing (and in consequence quantum collision-resistant) under suitable assumptions about the underlying block function. In particular, if the block function is a random function or a (non-invertible) random permutation, the sponge construction is collapsing.

Note: This work merges and supersedes IACR eprint reports 2017/282 and 2017/302.

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Preprint. MINOR revision.
Post-quantum cryptographyhash functionsSponge constructioncollapsingcollision-resistancequantum adversariesquantum attack
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authors-quantum-sponges @ huelsing net
2017-08-13: received
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