Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2017/660

Profiling Good Leakage Models For Masked Implementations

Changhai Ou and Zhu Wang and Degang Sun and Xinping Zhou

Abstract: Leakage model plays a very important role in side channel attacks. An accurate leakage model greatly improves the efficiency of attacks. However, how to profile a "good enough" leakage model, or how to measure the accuracy of a leakage model, is seldom studied. Durvaux et al. proposed leakage certification tests to profile "good enough" leakage model for unmasked implementations. However, they left the leakage model profiling for protected implementations as an open problem. To solve this problem, we propose the first practical higher-order leakage model certification tests for masked implementations. First and second order attacks are performed on the simulations of serial and parallel implementations of a first-order fixed masking. A third-order attack is performed on another simulation of a second-order random masked implementation. The experimental results show that our new tests can profile the leakage models accurately.

Category / Keywords: implementation/leakage certification, HODPA, masking, leakage model, side channel attack

Date: received 4 Jul 2017, last revised 5 Jul 2017

Contact author: ouchanghai at iie ac cn

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