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Short CCA-Secure Attribute-Based Encryption

Hiroaki Anada and Seiko Arita

Abstract: Chosen-ciphertext attacks are typical threat on public-key encryption schemes. We propose a technique of individually converting an attribute-based encryption scheme (ABE) which is secure against chosen-plaintext attacks into an ABE scheme which is secure against chosen-ciphertext attacks. Our technique is helpful when a Diffie-Hellman tuple to be verified is in the target group of a bilinear map. The employed technique, the Twin Diffie-Hellman Trapdoor Test of Cash, Kiltz and Shoup, results in expansion of the secret-key length and the decryption cost by a factor of four, while the public-key and the ciphertext lengths and the encryption cost remain almost the same.

Category / Keywords: public-key cryptography, attribute-based encryption, direct chosen-ciphertext security, twin Diffie-Hellman

Original Publication (with minor differences): Proceedings of "IEEE BITS 2017" (co-held with "SMARTCOMP 2017"), and the journal "Advances in Science, Technology and Engineering Systems Journal (ASTESJ)", 2018
10.1109/SMARTCOMP.2017.7947045, 10.25046/aj030132

Date: received 25 May 2017, last revised 29 May 2018

Contact author: anada at sun ac jp

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Note: The experiment on the twin Diffie-Hellman technique was corrected to describe the asymptotic behavior correctly.

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