Paper 2017/411

A New Algorithm for Inversion mod $p^k$

Çetin Kaya Koç


A new algorithm for computing $x=a^{-1}\pmod{p^k}$ is introduced. It is based on the exact solution of linear equations using $p$-adic expansions. It starts with the initial value $c=a^{-1}\pmod{p}$ and iteratively computes the digits of the inverse $x=a^{-1}\pmod{p^k}$ in base $p$. The mod 2 version of the algorithm is significantly more efficient than the existing algorithms for small values of $k$. We also describe and analyze all existing algorithms, and compare them to the proposed algorithm. Our algorithm stands out as being the only one that works for any $p$, any $k$, and digit-by-digit. Moreover it requires the minimal number of arithmetic operations (just a single addition) per step.

Note: Small improvements in the paper. This is the final version.

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number theoryarithmeticcryptography
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koc @ cs ucsb edu
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