Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2017/362

Universally Composable Zero-Knowledge Proof of Membership

Jesper Buus Nielsen

Abstract: Since its introduction the UC framework by Canetti has received a lot of attention. A contributing factor to its popularity is that it allows to capture a large number of common cryptographic primitives using ideal functionalities and thus can be used to give modular proofs for many cryptographic protocols. However, an important member of the cryptographic family has not yet been captured by an ideal functionality, namely the zero-knowledge proof of membership. We give the first formulation of a UC zero-knowledge proof of membership and show that it is closely related to the notions of straight-line zero-knowledge and simulation soundness.

Category / Keywords: foundations / UC, zero-knowledge

Date: received 21 Apr 2017

Contact author: jbn at cs au dk

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Note: This is an old note of mine that I found while doing spring cleaning. It tries to formulate a notion of UC proof of membership. I think there are still ideas here that might inspire how to extend the UC framework to capture more tasks than it does now, so I choose to archive it here.

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