Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2017/320

Speeding up Huff Form of Elliptic Curves

Neriman Gamze Orhon and Huseyin Hisil

Abstract: This paper presents faster inversion-free point addition formulas for the curve y*(1+a*x^2)=c*x*(1+d*y^2). The proposed formulas improve the point doubling operation count record from 6M+5S to 8M and mixed-addition operation count record from 10M to 8M. Both sets of formulas are shown to be 4-way parallel, leading to an effective cost of 2M per either of the group operations.

Category / Keywords: elliptic curves, 2-isogeny, efficient, scalar multiplication, Huff curves, inversion-free point addition, parallel computation

Date: received 11 Apr 2017, last revised 19 Apr 2017

Contact author: gamzeorhon at gmail com

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