Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2017/285

Implementation and Evaluation of Improved Gaussian Sampling for Lattice Trapdoors

Kamil Doruk Gür and Yuriy Polyakov and Kurt Rohloff and Gerard W. Ryan and Erkay Savaş

Abstract: We report on our implementation of a new Gaussian sampling algorithm for lattice trapdoors. Lattice trapdoors are used in a wide array of lattice-based cryptographic schemes including digital signatures, attributed-based encryption, program obfuscation and others. Our implementation provides Gaussian sampling for trapdoor lattices with prime moduli, and supports both single- and multi-threaded execution. We experimentally evaluate our implementation through its use in the GPV hash-and-sign digital signature scheme as a benchmark. We compare our design and implementation with prior work reported in the literature. Evaluation shows that our implementation 1) has smaller space requirements and faster runtime, 2) does not require multi-precision floating-point arithmetic, and 3) can be used for a broader range of cryptographic primitives than previous implementations.

Category / Keywords: implementation / digital signatures and implementation and lattice techniques

Date: received 28 Mar 2017

Contact author: rohloff at njit edu

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