Paper 2017/152

Encryptor Combiners: A Unified Approach to Multiparty NIKE, (H)IBE, and Broadcast Encryption

Fermi Ma and Mark Zhandry


We define the concept of an encryptor combiner. Roughly, such a combiner takes as input n public keys for a public key encryption scheme, and produces a new combined public key. Anyone knowing a secret key for one of the input public keys can learn the secret key for the combined public key, but an outsider who just knows the input public keys (who can therefore compute the combined public key for himself) cannot decrypt ciphertexts from the combined public key. We actually think of public keys more generally as encryption procedures, which can correspond to, say, encrypting to a particular identity under an IBE scheme or encrypting to a set of attributes under an ABE scheme. We show that encryptor combiners satisfying certain natural properties can give natural constructions of multi-party non-interactive key exchange, low-overhead broadcast encryption, and hierarchical identity-based encryption. We then show how to construct two different encryptor combiners. Our first is built from universal samplers (which can in turn be built from indistinguishability obfuscation) and is sufficient for each application above, in some cases improving on existing obfuscation-based constructions. Our second is built from lattices, and is sufficient for hierarchical identity-based encryption. Thus, encryptor combiners serve as a new abstraction that (1) is a useful tool for designing cryptosystems, (2) unifies constructing hierarchical IBE from vastly different assumptions, and (3) provides a target for instantiating obfuscation applications from better tools.

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multiparty NIKE(H)IBEbroadcast encryption
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