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Corrections to ''Further Improving Efficiency of Higher-Order Masking Schemes by Decreasing Randomness Complexity''

Shuang Qiu and Rui Zhang and Yongbin Zhou and Wei Cheng

Abstract: Provably secure masking schemes always require too many random generations, which signficantly increases the implementation cost. Recently in IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON INFORMATION FORENSICS AND SECURITY (TIFS) (DOI:10.1109/TIFS.2017.2713323), Zhang, Qiu, and Zhou improve the efficiency of the CPRR scheme by decreasing the random generations. Recently, Barthe et al. claim that security flaws exist in both proposals and provide the counter-examples. In this paper, we fix these security flaws by changing the addition order. In this way, the two proposals are corrected with no extra random generation.

Category / Keywords: implementation / masking scheme, side-channel attacks, probing model, randomness complexity

Date: received 26 Dec 2017, last revised 27 Dec 2017

Contact author: r-zhang at iie ac cn; qiushuang@iie ac cn

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