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Quantum Key-recovery Attack on Feistel Structures

Xiaoyang Dong and Xiaoyun Wang

Abstract: Post-quantum cryptography has drawn considerable attention from cryptologists on a global scale. At Asiacrypt 2017, Leander and May combined Grover's and Simon's quantum algorithms to break the FX-based block ciphers, which were introduced by Kilian and Rogaway to strengthen DES. In this study, we investigate the Feistel constructions using Grover's and Simon's algorithms to generate new quantum key-recovery attacks on different rounds of Feistel constructions. Our attacks require $2^{nr/4~-~3n/4}$ quantum queries to break an $r$-round Feistel construction. The time complexity of our attacks is less than that observed for quantum brute-force search by a factor of $2^{0.75n}$. When compared with the best classical attacks, i.e., Dinur \emph{et al.}'s attacks at CRYPTO 2015, the time complexity is reduced by a factor of $2^{0.5n}$ without incurring any memory cost.

Category / Keywords: secret-key cryptography / Quantum cryptanalysis, Quantum key-recovery, Feistel structure, Simon, Grover

Original Publication (in the same form): SCIENCE CHINA Information Sciences

Date: received 12 Dec 2017, last revised 29 May 2018

Contact author: xiaoyangdong at tsinghua edu cn

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