Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2017/1192

Efficient Implementation of Password-Based Authenticated Key Exchange from RLWE and Post-Quantum TLS

Xinwei Gao and Jintai Ding and Lin Li and Saraswathy RV and Jiqiang Liu

Abstract: Two post-quantum password-based authenticated key exchange (PAKE) protocols were proposed at CT-RSA 2017. Following this work, we give much more efficient and portable C++ implementation of these two protocols. We also choose more compact parameters providing 200-bit security. Compared with original implementation, we achieve 21.5x and 18.5x speedup for RLWE-PAK and RLWE-PPK respectively. Compare with quantum-vulnerable J-PAKE protocol, we achieve nearly 8x speedup. We also integrate RLWE-PPK into TLS to construct a post-quantum TLS ciphersuite. This allows simpler key management, mutual authentication and resistant to phishing attack. Benchmark shows that our ciphersuite is indeed practical.

Category / Keywords: applications / Authenticated Key Exchange; Implementation; Post-quantum; RLWE; TLS

Original Publication (in the same form): International Journal of Network Security

Date: received 7 Dec 2017, last revised 14 Dec 2017

Contact author: xinwei gao 7 at yandex com

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