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A New Digital Rights Management Solution Based on White-Box Cryptography

Jun Liu and Yupu Hu

Abstract: Digital rights management is an important technique to protect digital contents from abuse. Usually it is confronted with severe challenges because of the untrusted environment its application executed in. This condition is formally described as white-box attack model. White-box cryptography aims at protecting software implementation of cryptographic algorithms from white-box attack, hence can be employed to provide security guarantee for digital rights management. Key extraction, code lifting, and illegal distribution are three major threats in digital rights management application, they extremely compromise the benefit of content producer. In this paper, we propose the first solution based on white-box cryptography against the three threats above simultaneously, by implementing traceability of a white-box scheme which has unbreakability and incompressibility. Specifically, We constructively confirm there exists secure white-box compiler which can generate traceable white-box programs, by hiding slight perturbations in the lookup-table based white-box implementation. Security and performance analyses show our solution can be effectively achieved in practice.

Category / Keywords: applications / digital rights management, white-box cryptography

Date: received 10 Oct 2017, withdrawn 11 Sep 2020

Contact author: junl1212 at 163 com

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Note: This is an initial pdf version of our paper, later there will be some detail modifications.

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