Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2016/997

More Efficient Commitments from Structured Lattice Assumptions

Carsten Baum and Ivan Damgård and Vadim Lyubashevsky and Sabine Oechsner and Chris Peikert

Abstract: We present a practical construction of an additively homomorphic commitment scheme based on structured lattice assumptions, together with a zero-knowledge proof of opening knowledge. Our scheme is a design improvement over the previous work of Benhamouda et al. in that it is not restricted to being statistically binding. While it is possible to instantiate our scheme to be statistically binding or statistically hiding, it is most efficient when both hiding and binding properties are only computational. This results in approximately a factor of 4 reduction in the size of the proof and a factor of 6 reduction in the size of the commitment over the aforementioned scheme.

Category / Keywords: Lattice-based cryptography, commitments, zero-knowledge

Original Publication (in the same form): 11th Conference on Security and Cryptography for Networks (SCN 2018)

Date: received 17 Oct 2016, last revised 21 Jun 2018

Contact author: carsten baum at biu ac il

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Note: Improved version with configurable binding and hiding, better comparison with previous work.

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