Paper 2016/775

Cryptanalysis of a Homomorphic Encryption Scheme

Sonia Bogos, John Gaspoz, and Serge Vaudenay


Homomorphic encryption allows to make specific operations on private data which stays encrypted. While applications such as cloud computing require to have a practical solution, the encryption scheme must be secure. In this article, we detail and analyze in-depth the homomorphic encryption scheme proposed by Zhou and Wornell. From the analysis of the encryption scheme, we are able to mount three attacks. The first attack enables to recover a secret plaintext message broadcasted to multiple users. The second attack performs a chosen ciphertext key recovery attack and it was implemented and verified. The last attack is a related chosen plaintext decryption attack.

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Public-key cryptography
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Published elsewhere. Minor revision. Arcticcrypt 2016
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soniamihaela bogos @ epfl ch
2016-08-12: received
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