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LINCOS - A Storage System Providing Long-Term Integrity, Authenticity, and Confidentiality (Full Paper)

Johannes Braun and Johannes Buchmann and Denise Demirel and Mikio Fujiwara and Matthias Geihs and Shiho Moriai and Masahide Sasaki and Atsushi Waseda

Abstract: The amount of digital data that requires long-term protection of integrity, authenticity, and confidentiality grows rapidly. Examples include electronic health records, genome data, and tax data. In this paper we present the secure storage system LINCOS, whichprovides protection of integrity, authenticity, and confidentiality in the long-term, i.e., for an indefinite time period. It is the first such system. It uses the long-term integrity scheme COPRIS, which is also presented here and is the first such scheme that does not leak any information about the protected data. COPRIS uses information-theoretic hiding commitments for confidentiality-preserving integrity and authenticity protection. LINCOS uses proactive secret sharing for confidential storage of secret data. We also present implementations of COPRIS and LINCOS. A special feature of our LINCOS implementation is the use of quantum key distribution and one-time pad encryption for information-theoretic private channels within the proactive secret sharing protocol. The technological platform for this is the Tokyo QKD Network, which is one of worlds most advanced networks of its kind. Our experimental evaluation establishes the feasibility of LINCOS and shows that in view of the expected progress in quantum communication technology, LINCOS is a promising solution for protecting very sensitive data in the cloud.

Category / Keywords: QKD, secret sharing, commitments, timestamping, long-term, everlasting, archiving

Original Publication (with major differences): ASIACCS 2017

Date: received 28 Jul 2016, last revised 22 Jun 2018

Contact author: jbraun at cdc informatik tu-darmstadt de

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Note: Full paper corresponding to short paper published at ASIACCS 2017.

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