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Hoda Maleki and Saeed Valizadeh and William Koch and Azer Bestavros and Marten van Dijk

Abstract: We introduce a Markov-model-based framework for Moving Target Defense (MTD) analysis. The framework allows modeling of a broad range of MTD strategies, provides general theorems about how the probability of a successful adversary defeating an MTD strategy is related to the amount of time/cost spent by the adversary, and shows how a multi-level composition of MTD strategies can be analyzed by a straightforward combination of the analysis for each one of these strategies. Within the proposed framework we define the concept of security capacity which measures the strength or effectiveness of an MTD strategy: the security capacity depends on MTD specific parameters and more general system parameters. We apply our framework to two concrete MTD strategies.

Category / Keywords: Moving Target Defense; Security Capacity; Markov Models; IP Hopping; Single/Multiple-Target Hiding.

Original Publication (with minor differences): Third ACM Workshop on Moving Target Defense (MTD 2016)

Date: received 27 Jul 2016, last revised 2 Oct 2016

Contact author: mohammad valizadeh at uconn edu

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Note: The paper was re-submitted based on the email we got from Sasha Boldyreva.

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