Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2016/740

Software Benchmarking of the 2$^{\text{nd}}$ round CAESAR Candidates

Ankele, Ralph and Ankele, Robin

Abstract: The software performance of cryptographic schemes is an important factor in the decision to include such a scheme in real-world protocols like TLS, SSH or IPsec. In this paper, we develop a benchmarking framework to perform software performance measurements on authenticated encryption schemes. In particular, we apply our framework to independently benchmark the 29 remaining 2$^\text{nd}$ round candidates of the CAESAR competition. Many of these candidates have multiple parameter choices, or deploy software optimised versions raising our total number of benchmarked implementations to 232. We illustrate our results in various diagrams and hope that our contribution helps developers to find an appropriate cipher in their selection choice.

Category / Keywords: Software benchmarks, CAESAR, 2$^\text{nd}$ round candidates, real-worlds usecases, tls, ssh, optimisations, aes-ni, sse, avx, neon

Date: received 24 Jul 2016, last revised 5 Sep 2016

Contact author: ralph ankele 2015 at rhul ac uk

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Note: Correct grammer and spelling mistakes

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