Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2016/638

A Tweak for a PRF Mode of a Compression Function and Its Applications

Shoichi Hirose and Atsushi Yabumoto

Abstract: We discuss a tweak for the domain extension called Merkle-Damgård with Permutation (MDP), which was presented at ASIACRYPT 2007. We first show that MDP may produce multiple independent pseudorandom functions (PRFs) using a single secret key and multiple permutations if the underlying compression function is a PRF against related-key attacks with respect to the permutations. Using this result, we then construct a hash-function-based MAC function, which we call FMAC, using a compression function as its underlying primitive. We also present a scheme to extend FMAC so as to take as input a vector of strings.

Category / Keywords: secret-key cryptography / compression function, MAC, pseudorandom function, vector-input PRF

Original Publication (with minor differences): SECITC 2016

Date: received 19 Jun 2016

Contact author: hrs_shch at u-fukui ac jp

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