Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2016/587

Bash-f: another LRX sponge function

Sergey Agievich and Vadim Marchuk and Alexander Maslau and Vlad Semenov

Abstract: We present the Bash family of hashing algorithms based on the sponge paradigm. A core element of this family is the Bash-f sponge function which refers to the LRX (Logical-Rotation-Xor) class of symmetric cryptography schemes. We describe the components of Bash-f: a nonlinear mapping, linear diffusion mappings, a permutation of words of a hash state. For each component, we establish reasonable quality criteria as detailed as possible to make the choice of the component maximally objective and transparent.

Category / Keywords: hash algorithm, sponge construction, LRX, S-box, bitslice technique

Date: received 4 Jun 2016, last revised 14 Jun 2016

Contact author: agievich at bsu by

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Note: Minor corrections + a description of the overall hashing algorithms

Version: 20160614:154221 (All versions of this report)

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