Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2016/513

Applying TVLA to Public Key Cryptographic Algorithms

Michael Tunstall and Gilbert Goodwill

Abstract: Test Vector Leakage Assessment (TVLA) has been proposed as a method of determining if a side-channel attack is feasible, for a given implementation of a block cipher, by looking for leakage without conducting an attack. The thresholds chosen for the evaluation of leakage are chosen such that passing the tests gives a strong indication that no leakage is present. In this document, we describe how TVLA can be adapted to pubic key cryptographic algorithms, with a specific focus on RSA, ECDSA and ECDH.

Category / Keywords: implementation / Side Channel Analysis

Date: received 24 May 2016

Contact author: michael tunstall at cryptography com

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Note: Presented at ICMC 2016

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