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Identity Chains

Andrew Egbert and Brad Chun and Thomas Otte

Abstract: In this short technical summary, the authors describe how the mathematical primitives of Ring Confidential Transactions may be used to provide anonymous identity authentication services in a similar manner to "Anonrep" but in a trustless (or permissioned), distributed manner, and with the additional security and resilience provided by a blockchain. The use of the mathematics in the RingCT paper additionally, and importantly, allows for combining different types of authentication in a seamless manner, in essence if the Bitcoin or Monero blockchain is a single "thread," then the protocol here allows one to "weave" such threads together. The resulting protocol is dubbed an "Identity Chain" and provides anonymous authentication working in a lightweight and interoperable manner between any number of different service providers running different identity chains.

Category / Keywords: applications / Ring Confidential Transactions, Identity Chains, MLSAG, ring signatures, authentication, anonrep

Date: received 15 May 2016

Contact author: divbit at mail com

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