Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2016/1052

Hickory Hash(TM): Implementing an Instance of an Algebraic Eraser(TM) Hash Function on an MSP430 Microcontroller

Iris Anshel and Derek Atkins and Dorian Goldfeld and Paul E Gunnells

Abstract: Recently a novel family of braid based cryptographic hash function candidates was published, claiming to be suitable for use in low resource environments. It was shown that the new hash function family performed extremely well on a range of cryptographic test suites. In this paper we instantiate an instance of the hash family, called Hickory Hash, fix a set of parameters, implement it on a Texas Instruments MSP430 16-bit microcontroller, and compare its performance characteristics to SHA2. We show that the Hickory Hash can be a viable tool for low-power, constrained devices like those associated with the Internet of Things.

Category / Keywords: implementation / Algebraic eraser, group theoretic cryptography, braid groups, hash functions, IoT

Date: received 8 Nov 2016

Contact author: datkins at securerf com

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