Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2016/1041

XDedup: Efficient Provably-Secure Cross-User Chunk-Level Client-Side Deduplicated Cloud Storage of Encrypted Data

Chia-Mu Yu

Abstract: Data deduplication, aiming to eliminate duplicate data, has been widely used in cloud storage to reduce the amount of storage space and save bandwidth. Unfortunately, as an increasing number of sensitive data are stored remotely, the encryption, the simplest way for data privacy, is not compatible with data deduplication. Though many research efforts have been devoted to securing deduplication, they all are subject to performance, security, and applicability limitations. Here, we propose two encrypted deduplication schemes, SDedup and XDedup, both based on Merkle puzzle. To the best of our knowledge, XDedup is the first brute-force resilient encrypted deduplication with only symmetrically cryptographic two-party interactions. The analysis and numerical simulations are conducted to demonstrate the performance and practicality of SDedup and XDedup.

Category / Keywords: applications / cloud storage; convergent encryption

Date: received 4 Nov 2016

Contact author: chiamuyu at gmail com

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