Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2016/066

Linear Hull Attack on Round-Reduced Simeck with Dynamic Key-guessing Techniques

Lingyue Qin and Huaifeng Chen and Xiaoyun Wang

Abstract: Simeck is a new family of lightweight block ciphers proposed by Yang $et\ al.$ in CHES'15, which has efficient hardware implementation. In this paper, we find differentials with low hamming weight and high probability for Simeck using K├Âlbl's tool, then we consider the links between the differential and linear characteristic to construct linear hulls for Simeck. We give improved linear hull attack with dynamic key-guessing techniques on Simeck according to the property of the AND operation. Our best results cover Simeck 32/64 reduced to 23 rounds, Simeck 48/96 reduced to 30 rounds, Simeck 64/128 reduced to 37 rounds. Our result is the best known so far for any variant of Simeck.

Category / Keywords: Simeck, Linear Cryptanalysis, Differential Cryptanalysis, Linear Hull, Dynamic Key-guessing

Date: received 25 Jan 2016, last revised 27 Apr 2016

Contact author: qly14 at mails tsinghua edu cn

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