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Paper 2016/060

Automated key setup and recovery from key exposure for power networks

Amir Herzberg and Yehonatan Kfir


Power networks are built with inherent redundancy, including in the communication channels. In this work, we show that this redundancy can increase the cyber security resiliency to key exposure. Specifically, we present CrypTop, a novel protocol for the {\em key setup and refresh} problem in power networks. CrypTop uses multipath communication and already-keyed devices, to setup keys in other devices, and to recover from key exposures. We evaluate CrypTop in realistic power network topologies. Our results show a significant to dramatic improvement compared to previous works, in both recovery from key exposure and ability to setup keys automatically. For example, in IEEE 300 network, and for a single corruption, CrypTop can recover security in 100\% of the devices compared to 1\% for previous works.

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