Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2016/038

Collateral Damage in Online Social Networks: computing the significance of information collection

Iraklis Symeonids and Bart Preneel

Abstract: Third-party apps enable a personalized experience on social networking platforms; however, they give rise to privacy interdependence issues. Apps installed by a user's friends can collect and potentially misuse her own personal data inflicting \textit{collateral damage} on the user herself while leaving her without proper means of control. In this paper, we present a study on the \textit{collateral information collection} of apps in social networks. Based on real data, we compute the proportion of exposed user attributes including the case of profiling, when several apps are offered by the same provider.

Category / Keywords: Privacy, Applications, Application Providers, Measurment

Date: received 14 Jan 2016, last revised 18 Jan 2016

Contact author: iraklis symeonidis at esat kuleuven be

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