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More Efficient Secure Outsourcing Methods for Bilinear Maps

Öznur Arabacı and. Mehmet Sabir Kiraz and. İsa Sertkaya and. Osmanbey Uzunkol

Abstract: Bilinear maps are popular cryptographic primitives which have been commonly used in various modern cryptographic protocols. However, the cost of computation for bilinear maps is expensive because of their realization using variants of Weil and Tate pairings of elliptic curves. Due to increasing availability of cloud computing services, devices with limited computational resources can outsource this heavy computation to more powerful external servers. Currently, the checkability probability of the most efficient outsourcing algorithm is $1/2$ and the overall computation requires $4$ point addition in the preimage and $3$ multiplications in the image of the bilinear map under the one-malicious version of a two-untrusted-program model. In this paper, we propose two efficient new algorithms which decrease not only the memory requirement but also the overall communication overhead.

Category / Keywords: public-key cryptography / Outsourcing computation, Bilinear maps, Secure delegation, Secure Cloud Computing

Original Publication (in the same form): The 8th International Conference Information Security and Cryptology (ISCTURKEY 2015) (will appear)

Date: received 2 Oct 2015

Contact author: oznur arabaci at tubitak gov tr

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