Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2015/936

A Privacy Preserving Improvement for SRTA in Telecare Medicine Information System

Seyed salman Sajjadi GhaemMaghami, Mahtab Mirmohseni, Afrooz Haghbin

Abstract: Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a modern communication technology, which provides authentication and identification through a nonphysical contact. Recently, the use of this technology is almost developed in healthcare environments. Although RFID technology can prepare sagacity in systems, privacy and security issues ought to be considered before. Recently, in 2015, Li et al. proposed a hash-based RFID authentication protocol in medication verification for healthcare. In this paper, we study this protocol and show that Li et al.ís protocol is vulnerable to traceability, impersonation and DoS attacks. So it does not provide the privacy and security of RFID end-users. Therefore, we propose an improved secure and efficient RFID authentication protocol to enhance the performance of Li et al.ís method. Our analyze show that the existing weaknesses of Li et al.ís protocol are eliminated in our proposed protocol.

Category / Keywords: RFID Authentication protocol, Telecare, Traceability attack, DoS attack, Impersonation attack

Date: received 24 Sep 2015, last revised 27 Sep 2015, withdrawn 9 Oct 2015

Contact author: Salman ghaemmaghami at srbiau ac ir

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