Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2015/920

Leakage-Resilient Identification Schemes from Zero-Knowledge Proofs of Storage

Giuseppe Ateniese and Antonio Faonio and Seny Kamara

Abstract: We provide a framework for constructing leakage-resilient identification(ID) protocols in the bounded retrieval model (BRM) from proofs of storage(PoS) that hide partial information about the file. More precisely, we describe a generic transformation from any zero-knowledge PoS to a leakage-resilient ID protocol in the BRM. We then describe a ZK-PoS based on RSA which, under our transformation, yields the first ID protocol in the BRM based on RSA (in the ROM). The resulting protocol relies on a different computational assumption and is more efficient than previously-known constructions.

Category / Keywords: public-key cryptography / identification protocols, zero knowledge, RSA

Original Publication (with minor differences): The 15th IMA International Conference on Cryptography and Coding, IMACC 2015, St. Catherine’s College, University of Oxford, UK

Date: received 22 Sep 2015, last revised 23 Sep 2015

Contact author: afaonio at gmail com; ateniese at gmail com; senyk at microsoft com;

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