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Private Proximity Testing on Steroids: An NTRU-based Protocol

Constantinos Patsakis and Panayiotis Kotzanikolaou and M ́elanie Bouroche

Abstract: Nowadays, most smartphones come pre-equipped with location (GPS) sensing capabilities, allowing developers to create a wide variety of location-aware applications and services. While location awareness provides novel features and functionality, it opens the door to many privacy nightmares. In many occasions, however, users do not need to share their actual location, but to determine whether they are in proximity to others, which is practically one bit of information. Private proximity protocols allow this functionality without any further information leakage. In this work we introduce a novel protocol which is far more efficient than the current state of the art and bases its security on lattice-based cryptography.

Category / Keywords: cryptographic protocols / Location privacy, Cryptographic Protocols, Private Equality Testing, Location Services

Original Publication (with minor differences): 11th International Workshop on Security and Trust Management

Date: received 21 Sep 2015, last revised 21 Sep 2015

Contact author: kpatsak at gmail com

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