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Differential Analysis on Simeck and SIMON with Dynamic Key-guessing Techniques

Kexin Qiao and Lei Hu and Siwei Sun

Abstract: The Simeck family of lightweight block ciphers was proposed in CHES 2015 which combines the good design components from NSA designed ciphers SIMON and SPECK. Dynamic key-guessing techniques were proposed by Wang {\it et al.} to greatly reduce the key space guessed in differential cryptanalysis and work well on SIMON. In this paper, we implement the dynamic key-guessing techniques in a program to automatically give out the data in dynamic key-guessing procedure and thus simplify the security evaluation of SIMON and Simeck like block ciphers regarding differential attacks. We use the differentials from K\"{o}lbl {\it et al.}'s work and also a differential with lower Hamming weight we find using Mixed Integer Linear Programming method to attack 22-round Simeck32, 28-round Simeck48 and 35-round Simeck64. Besides, we launch the same attack procedure on four members of SIMON family by use of newly proposed differentials in CRYPTO2015 and get new attack results on 22-round SIMON32/64, 24-round SIMON48/96, 28, 29-round SIMON64/96 and 29, 30-round SIMON64/128. As far as we are concerned, our results on SIMON64 are currently the best results.

Category / Keywords: Simeck, SIMON, Dynamic Key-guessing, Differential Cryptanalysis

Date: received 16 Sep 2015, last revised 14 Apr 2016

Contact author: qiaokexin at iie ac cn

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Note: We apply the method in the original paper to another cipher and add new results about this cipher.

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