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New Results on Identity-based Encryption from Quadratic Residuosity

Ferucio Laurentiu Tiplea and Emil Simion

Abstract: This paper surveys the results obtained so far in designing identity-based encryption (IBE) schemes based on the quadratic residuosity assumption (QRA). We begin by describing the r-st such scheme due to Cocks, and then we advance to the novel idea of Boneh, Gentry and Hamburg. Major improvements of the Boneh-Gentry-Hamburg scheme are then recalled. The recently revealed algebraic torus structures of the Cocks scheme allows for a better understanding of this scheme, as well as for new applications of it such as homomorphic and anonymous variants of it.

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Date: received 15 Sep 2015, last revised 15 Sep 2015

Contact author: esimion at fmi unibuc ro

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Note: The paper was presented as invited talk at SECITC2015 ( conference. There will be a Springer LNCS post proceedings.

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