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Integrity-Aware Parallelizable Cipher Feedback Mode for Real-time Cryptography

Prosanta Gope

Abstract: Conventional Cipher Feedback Mode (CFB) can allow the transmission unit to be shorter than the block-cipher length. Eventually, it causes no delay and even any message expansion unlike the ECB and CBC mode of operation where encryption cannot begin unless and until a complete block of full-length (say 64 bits) plain-text data is available. However, because of stalling during the block encryption, CFB cannot provide low latency, low jitter; these are two imperative properties in the sense of real-time cryptography. For that, it is important that the input stream should not wait for the key-stream to be generated; that means, key-streams are required to be arranged in advance, which cannot be expected in case of the conventional CFB mode. Besides, the conventional Cipher Feedback Mode is also incompetent for such real-time crypto systems, where the integrity of the message is also greatly desirable along with privacy. In this article, we propose a variant of Cipher Feedback Mode, called, Integrity-Aware, Parallelizable Cipher Feedback Mode (IAP-CFB), which can guarantee all the aforesaid requirements, such as, low latency, low jitter, privacy, and integrity assurance, etc.

Category / Keywords: secret-key cryptography /

Date: received 14 Sep 2015

Contact author: prosanta nitdgp at gmail com

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