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Threshold FlipThem: When the winner does not need to take all

David Leslie and Chris Sherfield and Nigel P. Smart

Abstract: We examine a FlipIt game in which there are multiple resources which a monolithic attacker is trying to compromise. This extension to FlipIt was considered in a paper in GameSec 2014, and was there called FlipThem. Our analysis of such a situation is focused on the situation where the attacker's goal is to compromise a threshold of the resources. We use our game theoretic model to enable a defender to choose the correct configuration of resources (number of resources and the threshold) so as to ensure that it makes no sense for a rational adversary to try to attack the system. This selection is made on the basis of the relative costs of the attacker and the defender.

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Original Publication (in the same form): GameSec 2015

Date: received 6 Aug 2015

Contact author: nigel at cs bris ac uk

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