Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2015/713

Light-hHB: A New Version of hHB with Improved Session Key Exchange

Ka Ahmad Khoureich

Abstract: This paper offers a new version of the hHB protocol denoted Light-hHB. This proposal uses the same framework as hHB, that is a two stages protocol: the first one for the establishment of a session key between the reader and the tag and the second one similar to HB+. We also introduce in this paper a novel and lightweight key exchange protocol inspired by the BB84 protocol named the non-quantum key exchange protocol. With the use of a practical implementation of the latter protocol in the first stage of Light-hHB, the transmission cost is drastically reduced compared to the one of hHB, which is its main drawback. In the context of RFID tags, Light-hHB is significantly more practical than hHB and achieves the same security goals.

Category / Keywords: BB84, LPN, HB, hHB, Man-In-the-Middle

Date: received 16 Jul 2015, last revised 30 Jul 2015, withdrawn 31 Oct 2016

Contact author: ahmadkhoureich ka at uadb edu sn

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