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Complementary Dual Codes for Counter-measures to Side-Channel Attacks

Claude Carlet and Sylvain Guilley

Abstract: We recall why linear codes with complementary duals (LCD codes) play a role in counter-measures to passive and active side-channel analyses on embedded cryptosystems. The rate and the minimum distance of such LCD codes must be as large as possible. We investigate primary constructions of such codes, in particular with cyclic codes, specifically with generalized residue codes, and we study their idempotents. We study those secondary constructions which preserve the LCD property, and we characterize conditions under which codes obtained by puncturing, shortening or extending codes, or obtained by the Plotkin sum, can be LCD.

Category / Keywords: implementation /

Original Publication (with minor differences): Advances in Mathematics of Communications (AMC), a journal of the American Institute of Mathematical Sciences (AIMS)

Date: received 17 Jun 2015, last revised 3 Mar 2016

Contact author: sylvain guilley at telecom-paristech fr

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Note: Generalization from q=2 to any prime q.

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