Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2015/458


Sheena Sathyan and Shaji R S Professor

Abstract: In order to keep privacy and to maintain security of a data; it was necessary to keep the data in hidden manner or in a crypt format. The proposed work describes the encryption and data hiding techniques for an H.264/ AVC video in a cloud environment. And it clearly specifies how the integrity of the data should be relevant enough in an unsecured and constrained communication medium. The proposed scheme is based on the stream cipher, RC4 encryption; while encrypting a data, it is necessary to transfer the encryption keys in a secure manner for that the public key cryptosystem is proposed for the efficient key transferring. It also explains about the data embedding via compound mapping method in order secure the original video content, and then generating the hash value for the embedded data which may contain the encrypted video content, in order to check the integrity of the data. And at the receiver end, the processes; the verification of the hash value, the decryption and extraction of the video content may be done in an efficient manner. The results may clearly shows the size of the video is strictly preserved even after the encryption and the embedding techniques.

Category / Keywords: H.264/AVC video, RC4 encryption, public key cryptosystem, compound mapping, hash value.

Date: received 13 May 2015

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