Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2015/393

Biclique cryptanalysis of MIBS-80 and PRESENT-80

Mohammad Hossein Faghihi Sereshgi, Mohammad Dakhilalian, and Mohsen Shakiba

Abstract: In this paper we present the first biclique cryptanalysis of MIBS block cipher and a new biclique cryptanalysis of PRESENT block cipher. These attacks are performed on full-round MIBS-80 and full-round PRESENT-80. Attack on MIBS- 80 uses matching without matrix method and has a data complexity upper bounded by $2^{52}$ chosen plaintext where it reduced security of this cipher about 1 bit. Attack on PRESENT-80 has a data complexity of at most $2^{22}$ chosen plaintexts and computational complexity of $2^{79.37}$ encryptions that both complexities are lower than other cryptanalyses of PRESENT-80 so far.

Category / Keywords: Biclique cryptanalysis, MIBS , PRESENT, Block Cipher

Date: received 27 Apr 2015

Contact author: mh faghihi at ec iut ac ir

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