Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2015/326

Cryptanalysis of an Authenticated Image Encryption Scheme Based on Chaotic Maps and Memory Cellular Automata

Saeideh Kabirirad and Hamideh Hajiabadi

Abstract: In this paper, the security of an authenticated image encryption scheme based on chaotic maps and memory cellular automata is evaluated. It is demonstrated that the scheme can be broken by chosen plain-text attack. Furthermore, the authentication algorithm of the scheme is faulty and reveals information about the plain-image and it also results in a brute search attack with efficient time complexity. Also the scheme suffers from differential attacks because of low sensitivity to the plain-image. We provide experimental results to support the proposed attacks. Finally, we suggest some remedial methods to fix the weaknesses and enhance sensitivity to the plain-image modifications.

Category / Keywords: Image encryption, Security, Chosen plain-text attack, Brute search attack, Differential attack.

Date: received 11 Apr 2015, last revised 6 Dec 2017

Contact author: saideh kabiri at gmail com

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