Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2015/298

Quantum Resistant Random Linear Code Based Public Key Encryption Scheme RLCE

Yongge Wang

Abstract: Lattice based encryption schemes and linear code based encryption schemes have received extensive attention in recent years since they have been considered as post-quantum candidate encryption schemes. Though LLL reduction algorithm has been one of the major cryptanalysis techniques for lattice based cryptographic systems, key recovery cryptanalysis techniques for linear code based cryptographic sys- tems are generally scheme specific. In recent years, several important techniques such as Sidelnikov- Shestakov attack, filtration attacks, and algebraic attacks have been developed to crypt-analyze linear code based encryption schemes. Though most of these cryptanalysis techniques are relatively new, they prove to be very powerful and many systems have been broken using them. Thus it is important to design linear code based cryptographic systems that are immune against these attacks. This paper proposes lin- ear code based encryption scheme RLCE which shares many characteristics with random linear codes. Our analysis shows that the scheme RLCE is secure against existing attacks. Example parameters for different security levels are recommended for the scheme RLCE

Category / Keywords: public-key cryptography / linear code based public cryptography

Date: received 31 Mar 2015, last revised 15 Jan 2016

Contact author: yonwang at uncc edu

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