Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2015/275

MQ Challenge: Hardness Evaluation of Solving Multivariate Quadratic Problems

Takanori Yasuda and Xavier Dahan and Yun-Ju Huang and Tsuyoshi Takagi and Kouichi Sakurai

Abstract: Multivariate Quadratic polynomial (MQ) problem serve as the basis of security for potentially post-quantum cryptosystems. The hardness of solving MQ problem depends on a number of parameters, most importantly the number of variables and the degree of the polynomials, as well as the number of equations, the size of the base field etc. We investigate the relation among these parameters and the hardness of solving MQ problem, in order to construct hard instances of MQ problem. These instances are used to create a challenge, which may be helpful in determining appropriate parameters for multivariate public key cryptosystems, and stimulate further the research in solving MQ problem.

Category / Keywords: public-key cryptography / post-quantum cryptography, multivariate public-key cryptosystem, MQ problem

Date: received 23 Mar 2015, last revised 28 May 2015

Contact author: yasuda at isit or jp

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Note: Revised version contains description of the range of parameters of MQ challenge and correction of errors.

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