Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2015/185

Remotely Managed Logic Built-In Self-Test for Secure M2M Communications

Elena Dubrova and Mats Näslund and Gunnar Carlsson and John Fornehed and Ben Smeets

Abstract: A rapid growth of Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communications is expected in the coming years. M2M applications create new challenges for in-field testing since they typically operate in environments where human supervision is difficult or impossible. In addition, M2M networks may be significant in size. We propose to automate Logic Built-In Self-Test (LBIST) by using a centralized test management system which can test all end-point M2M devices in the same network. Such a method makes possible transferring some of the LBIST functionality from the devices under test to the test management system. This is important for M2M devices which have very limited computing resources and commonly are battery-powered. In addition, the presented method provides protection against both random and malicious faults including some types of hardware Trojans.

Category / Keywords: applications / Logic Built-In Self-Test, hardware Trojans, M2M

Date: received 2 Mar 2015

Contact author: dubrova at kth se

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