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A Star-based Independent Biclique Attack on Full Rounds SQUARE

Zheng Yuan, and Zhen Peng, and Ming Mao

Abstract: SQUARE is an iterated block cipher proposed by Daemen in FSE1997. Inspired by Bogdanov’s recent works [12], we first present an improved biclique attack, i.e. stat-based independent biclique attack on full rounds SQUARE in this paper. We construct a one round stat-based independent biclique for the initial round, and utilize matching with precomputation techniques to recover the whole key from the remaining rounds. The computing complexity of our attack is about $2^(126.17)$ encryptions and required data can be reduced to a single plaintext-ciphertext pair. To be the best of our knowledge, our attack has an optimal computing complexity and data complexity of biclique attack on full rounds SQUARE.

Category / Keywords: Block cipher SQUARE, Biclique attack, Star-based independent biclique, balanced Biclique

Date: received 15 Dec 2015

Contact author: zyuan at tsinghua edu cn;409932748 at qq com;2339729268 at qq com

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