Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2015/1199

A compression method for homomorphic ciphertexts

S. Carpov and R. Sirdey

Abstract: In this work we describe a message packing and unpacking method for homomorphic ciphertexts. Messages are packed into the coefficients of plaintext polynomials. We propose an unpacking procedure which allows to obtain a ciphertext for each packed message. The packing and unpacking of ciphertexts represents a solution for reducing the transmission bottleneck in cloud based applications, in particular when sending homomorphic calculations results. The results we obtain (packing ratio, unpacking time) are compared to existing packing methods based on trans-ciphering.

Category / Keywords: implementation / FHE; ciphertext compression

Date: received 15 Dec 2015

Contact author: sergiu carpov at cea fr

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